Construction of Industrial Building Work

Commercial building such as – Supermarket Construction, shopping malls Construction, Corporate Offices Construction are one of the fastest growing construction sectors. Any Industrial construction requires aesthetics, appealing designs and high commercial functionality. This is an overview of a commercial construction process.

1. Project Planning

It is the most important and the basic first step. From choosing building site location, construction budgeting and understanding purpose of construction.

2. Design

At this stage a systematic design that include complete information about – Material, Size and texture of construction. At this pint it is important to consider the building orientation that reflects its utility and development aspects to ensure project success.

3. Pre- Construction Stage

Require finalizing – design, civil contractor and material vendor. It is critical to investigate site for environmental hazards and soil testing to make sure it is well suitable for construction. Huge commercial projects require Project manager and supervisor to monitor and manage requirement.

4. Procurement

The stage involves organizing of equipment and materials required throughout the construction process. Finalizing and assigning work to contractor or sub -contractor.

5. Construction

At this stage decisions are made regarding material storage, labour working hours, site access and quality control. The construction execution is done based on previous stages of discussion.

6. Post- Construction

This is a stage just before occupancy, there are several important steps to be taken into consideration. Before handling over the site for occupancy project manager and team has to supervise every details of any pending work.