Structural Drawing Service Providers Indore

A set of structural drawings includes foundation plans and detailed framing plan. The structural drawings communicate design of building structure. It analyzes configuration of basic component of structure. The structure drawing consists of analyzing and calculating load and stress to complete construction structure so that the structure designed will withstand the loads predicted safety. It comprises of detail knowledge of applied mechanics material science and applied mathematic to clearly understand how structure support and self-weight and imposed loads.The basic types of structure system include bearing wall, post and lintel, frame and membrane and suspension.

• Bearing wall – Wall that carries the load of floors and roof above in addition to its own weight.

• Post and Lintel System – This type of structure is in which 2 upright members; the posts hold up a 3rd member.

• Frame Building – In this type of structure weight is carried by a skeleton or a framework, as opposed to being by walls.

• Girder – It is a horizontal main supporting beam that carries perpendicular concentrated load.

• Membrane Structure – This is a thin and flexible surface that carries load and primarily through tensile strength.

RCC (Reinforcement Cement Concrete) Building

Steel Building Structural Drawing/ Pre-Engineered Building

Underground and Overhead Water Tank Design